Constitution and Bylaws of the Oklahoma Numismatic Association

The Constitution and Bylaws of the Oklahoma Numismatic Association are below. We also have a PDF version of the Constitution and Bylaws for you to download for print and sharing.

Constitution and Bylaws last amended and approved by vote on  May 1st 2009.




ARTICLE I    Name and Purpose.

Section 1……… The name of the organization is “Oklahoma Numismatic Association”, being incorporated under the Non-Profit Corporation Laws of the State of Oklahoma and hereinafter referred to as ONA.

Section 2……… The purpose of this organization shall be to encourage the study of, and increase the interest in, numismatics; to cultivate friendly relations among collectors; and assist ONA clubs in promoting numismatic collecting.



ARTICLE I… Membership and Dues.

Section 1……… Membership is open to any individual or any club interested in numismatics, and shall be composed of Regular, Junior, Life, Honorary, and Club.

Section 2……… Regular members shall be at least eighteen years of age and shall have the right to vote, hold office and receive the Mint Luster.  A Club shall be entitled to one vote only as a regular member.  A Junior member must be endorsed by a parent or legal guardian of that person.  Each Life Member shall receive a metal plate with their name and number engraved thereon.  The Life Member dues shall be deposited in an interest bearing account, never to be withdrawn unless the ONA is disbanded, whereupon the principle will be returned to living Life Members.  Interest on the Life Member account shall be deposited in the ONA checking account.

  1. Membership application shall be approved for any individual of good moral character provided the applicant is recommended by a member in good standing.
  2. Membership and membership numbers may not be transferred.
  3. Charter members shall be those members of clubs that joined ONA between June 6, 1976 and December 31, 1976. Charter membership numbers shall be preceded by the letter “C”. Junior membership numbers shall be followed by the letters “Jr.” until the members eighteenth birthday.  Club membership numbers shall be followed by the letter “C”.  Life membership numbers shall be followed by the letter “L”.
  4. All membership applications shall be published in the Mint Luster. If there is no objection to such member application within 30 days after publication date, said member applicant will be accepted as a member of the ONA.

Section 3……… Honorary membership may be conferred by the Board of Directors upon any person who has rendered to the ONA or the field of numismatics a particularly noteworthy service and is deserving of this title.  Such membership, however, does not entitle the person so honored to vote or hold office.  Honorary members having a paid-up membership, however, may do so.  Honorary membership numbers shall be followed by the letter “H”.  Honorary Life Members will have the same rights and privileges as Regular Members.

Section 4……… Annual dues shall be payable by July 1st, except as stated below:

  1. Membership applications received in April, May or June shall receive membership cards for the coming year.
  2. Dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors.
  3. In the event the application is rejected, the advance payment of dues shall be refunded.
  4. Life member applicants must have been a member of the for not less than one year at the time of application.
  5. Honorary Life membership may be bestowed by the Board of Directors by its own action upon a member who as rendered the association some special service.
  6. Any member who fails to pay dues by October 1st in any year shall be dropped from the roster and the mailing list.
  7. Any member who has been dropped for non-payment of dues or who has resigned may be reinstated as herein set forth:

(1) No member shall be eligible for reinstatement if charges or indebtedness to the association are pending against him unless the charges or indebtedness have been withdrawn, dismissed or otherwise cleared.

(2) A member shall be reinstated to regular membership by paying his current years dues, subject to the same requirements as Article 1, Section 1, 2, and 2a.

Section 5……… Any member violating the by-laws, committing any unfair or unethical act in dealing with his fellow numismatists or with other societies or engaging in conduct unbecoming a member, shall by a majority vote of the Board of Directors be suspended or expelled from membership.  Such action, however, shall not be taken without the Board first notifying the accused in writing and allowing him to present in writing such arguments as he may desire in his defense.


Officers, District Directors, and Appointed Positions.

Section 1……… The ONA shall have elected positions of President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Four(4) District Representatives.  Appointed positions shall be made by the President.  Such appointments shall be subject to approval of the Board of Directors.  Duties of these officers shall be:

  1. PRESIDENT shall have general supervision over all affairs of the ONA. The duties shall include, but not be limited to:

(1) Preside at all meetings of the ONA.

(2) Call meetings of the Board of Directors.

(3) Name persons to appointive positions.

(4) Fill by appointment any vacancy in elective or appointive office.

(5) Appoint temporary committees and remove same at will.

(6) Issue a call for the nomination of officers.

(7) Serve ex-officio as a member of all committees.

(8) Invite appointive officers, chairpersons, or club representatives to attend regular and called Board meetings when their presence will benefit the organization.

(9) Represent the ONA, or appoint a representative, in any activities with other associations.

  1. VICE PRESIDENT shall:

(1) Assist the President in the discharge of his duties.

(2) Preside in the absence of the President.

(3) Succeed to the office of President should that office become vacant before the elected President’s term has expired.

(4) Supervise all educational projects.

(5) Aid Club Representatives in the discharge of their duties.

(6) Aid and supervise the Youth Program.

(7) Coordinate state activities.

(8)  Aid and assist the Chairperson of the Annual ONA show.

  1. SECRETARY shall:

(1) Keep a true record of the ONA.

(2) Keep a true record of the Board of Directors meetings and send a copy of the proceedings to each Board member.

(3) Receive all applications for membership and for renewals; furnish information as to new members and to changes in the membership caused by resignation, deaths, and those dropped or expelled to the President and First Vice President.  Make a revision of the mailing list as       needed.

(4) Perform such duties as required for the nomination and election of the officers.

(5) Distribute correspondence to appropriate officials; answer or otherwise take care of administrative matters of a routine nature.

(6) Shall serve without remuneration, as do the other officers, until such time as the Board of Directors deems it possible to do otherwise.

  1. TREASURER shall:

(1) Receive and deposit all funds paid to the ONA; prepare a monthly statement and cause same to be reported.

(2) Prepare an accounting of all funds received and disbursed and give a final report at the end of the year.  An audit may be called for by the Board of Directors if needed.

(3) Invest funds of the ONA in accordance with the instructions of the Board of Directors.

(4) In the event that the Treasurer resigns or a different Treasurer is elected, the retiring Treasurer shall not be relieved of his duties or responsibilities until all immediate expenses have been paid, an audit completed, and a transfer of account letters has been received by the bank.

(5) The Treasurer will file a Federal Tax Return as required by IRS regulations.


(1) Meet as part of the Board of Directors at all regular and officially called meetings.

(2) Visit clubs in their district when possible.

(3) Encourage member clubs to appoint Club Representatives.

(4) Encourage Club Representatives to attend Board meetings.

(5) Appointed positions may include but are not limited to Mint Luster Editor, Youth Director, and Annual Show Bourse Chairman.


(1) Perform such duties peculiar to their appointment, as directed by the President and the Board of Directors.

(2) Attend Board meetings, provide information in their specialty area, make recommendations, but are not entitled to vote.

Section 2……… The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, District Directors, and the immediate Past President.  This body shall have executive power to action on the affairs of the ONA, including but not limited to:

  1. Name the time and place for holding the annual membership meeting.
  2. Rule on admission of applicants against whom objectives are raised.
  3. Approve appointive officers.
  4. Remove from office any officer who does not meet the requirements of his elective or appointive office.
  5. Request and by consent of the majority of the Board, call a meeting of the Board of Directors either in regular or special session, when such duty has been neglected by the President.
  6. g. Acting on written charges brought against any member of conduct prejudicial to the welfare of the ONA. The Board shall determine the case under such rules and regulations as it may adopt. The Board may dismiss the charge, censure, suspend, or expel the accused member.

 Section 3……… Officers shall be elected for a two-year term with elections held in odd years beginning in 1977.  The office of President can be held by no one person for more than 2 terms.  Persons holding elected or appointed positions may serve as many terms as elected or appointed to with the exception of the office of President.

  1. No member shall be eligible for the office of President unless that person has served on the ONA Board of Directors, held office in one of the ONA clubs, or held office in another numismatic organization outside of Oklahoma.
  2. Elected officers shall assume their duties July 1st after their election. They will hold office until June 30th following the election of their successor.
  3. Each officer, at the expiration of his term of office, shall have ready and without undue delay deliver to their successor all books, papers, moneys and other properties of the ONA in their possession. This person shall not be relieved of obligation until such requirements have been met.
  4. In the January 1st issue of the Mint Luster of each election year, the President shall issue a call for nominations of all elected positions. All nominations shall be submitted to the Secretary by March 1st of the election year. The nominations shall be published in the April issue of the Mint Luster.
  5. The Secretary shall cause all valid nominations to be printed on ballots and mailed to all voting members in their April issue of the Mint Luster. Ballots shall be accompanied by a return addressed envelope. Date for closing of the polls shall be specified on each ballot.
  6. The envelopes containing the ballots shall be retained unopened by the Secretary and shall be delivered to the Chairman of the election committee the day of the annual members meeting.
  7. The election committee shall consist of at least three ONA members, two of who shall be elected officers as appointed by the President. Their duty shall be to canvas the ballots and report the results to the President who in turn will report the results to the Board of Directors.
  8. The District Director must reside in the district for which they seek the Director’s position.
  9. All committee and appointed officers shall submit reports and recommendations for awards prior to the annual members meeting to the President of the ONA.
  10. There shall be an executive committee, consisting of elected officials, who shall have the power and authority to act and carry on official business for the ONA between board meetings.

Section 4……… The Four(4) Districts will be divided by Interstate 40 from East to West and Interstate 35 from North to South.

  1. Northwest District (North of I40 and West of I35 to include the Panhandle).
  2. Southwest District (South of I40 and West of I35)
  3. North East District (North of I40 and East of I35).
  4. South East District (South of I40 and East of I35).

Section 5……… Each member club may elect a Club Representative who shall be a member of ONA.  They shall report same to the ONA Secretary.  Duties of the Club Representative shall include:

  1. Report activities of the club to the District Director.
  2. Keep their club informed of the ONA activities.
  3. Keep the Secretary and the Mint Luster Editor informed of changes in the club officers, meeting time and place and mailing address.
  4. Submit requests from the club for matters to be presented to the ONA Board of Directors for consideration and action.
  5. Submit publicity of the club to the Editor of the Mint Luster.
  6. Present to the club the call for nominations for ONA Officers and Directors and see that the nominations are forwarded to the Secretary as called for in the bylaws.
  7. Help maintain and increase membership in the ONA.

 Section 6……… Proposed alterations, amendments, repeal of, or adopting new bylaws, consistent with the Articles of Incorporation of the laws of the State of Oklahoma, for the administration and regulation of the affairs of ONA shall be vested in the Board of Directors and then only by a 50% affirmative vote of the active Board. The proposed changes must then be submitted in writing to the membership at least 30 days in advance of a members Meeting at which there will be a vote on whether to approve the proposed bylaw changes

Section 7……… The official publication of the ONA shall be known as the Mint Luster.  It shall be a separate and independent journal published and mailed in accordance with the regulations prescribed by the Board of Directors.

Section 8……… No debts shall be contracted in the name of ONA without the approval of the Board of Directors, provided however, that without such approval, normal expenses may be committed by officers that are incidental to the operation of their respective offices.  Such expenditures shall be accounted for in the annual report of the Treasurer which shall contain a complete statement of income and expenses and assets and liabilities of ONA.


Section 1……… The annual members meeting of the ONA shall be held in conjunction with the annual ONA show held in Oklahoma City.  Whenever desirable, meetings also may be held on a quarterly basis and distributed between the various districts as much as is practical.  Such meetings are to be held in conjunction with a district coin show where possible.

Section 2……… A meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held twice annually.  Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the President or by 50 percent of the active members of the Board of Directors, provided a notice of call shall be mailed or phoned to members of the Board early enough so the Board members may make plans to attend.

Section 3……… A quorum shall be deemed to exist at the annual meeting if Ten percent or more of the membership is present.  A quorum exist at the Board of Director’s meetings if 50% of the voting Board members are present.

Section 4……… The conduct of all meetings shall be consistent with the Articles of Incorporation, these By-Laws and such other Rules of Order as may be established.  Robert’s Rules of Order shall prevail where not specifically set out otherwise.

ARTICLE IV – General.

Section 1……… Should this corporation dissolve or be liquidated pursuant to the non-profit corporation laws of the State of Oklahoma, any and all assets shall be distributed as provided in the Articles of Incorporation of the ONA.

Section 2          A Saunders Memorial Fund shall be established in memory of Denece Saunders and her daughter Michelle. (May 1980).  Donations are to be accepted and placed in an interest bearing account, the principal not to be used, but the interest earned shall be used to pay for Junior members participation in Numismatic activities as approved by the Board of Directors.